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    We love accomplishing tasks and projects to the satisfaction of our clients.

    Our most recent tasks/projects have included but are not limited to the following:

    --Temporary fill-in for housekeeper on maternity leave from Manhattan home. 

    --Post contruction heavy clean of a newly renovated four (4) story brownstone.

    --Paint over slate grey wall, clean apartment  in preparation for move out and security deposit retrieval.

    --Locate and contract artist/welder to re-attach broken metal art work.

    --Research, complete and mail applications for authenticated and original documents needed for

       an E.U. passport application.

    --Supervise/Support Contractor's work in lower Manhattan home.

    --Deliver and retrieve documents to/from International destination.

    --Locate and purchase magnetic-chalkboard paint.

    --Locate, purchase and arrange delivery of 6 feet tall artificial

       ficus tree during the winter season in New York City.

    --Steam clean diamond jewels.

    --Return Christian Loubitan shoes to Saks Fifth Avenue.

    --Deliver to & retrieve boots from Manhattan shoe maker/cobbler.

    --Make loan payment to student loan service Sallie Mae.

    --Complete Pilates Workshop application for certification applicant.

    --Purchase baby gifts for bi-coastal client and ship.

    --Research availability of new born baby's christening dress.